We offer a wide range of opportunities to build and provide you world-class academic working environment. We invite you to grab these opportunities, explore why ADYPU is just the right place for you.


  1. Work towards common goals with a shared purpose. Here, we are committed to making a difference globally by inculcating innovation, leadership, research, design, creativity, health, business, education, law, and engineering.
  2. Meet with dynamic people and create a vibrant community. You get the chance to work with incredible people who are renowned researchers, innovators, thought leaders, and problem solvers.
  3. Get amazing perks. Competitive remuneration is just one of many things. Unmatchable working environment and an unbeatable package of facilities, where you’ll enjoy benefits that are on par with the most prestigious institutions in India.
  4. We connect and enjoy our lush green beautiful campus. Our 110-acre campus is architectured to give our people a relaxing and peaceful environment to enjoy their time on the campus.
  5. Get advantage of unparalleled cultural opportunities. Reinvent yourself all year along with activities from our multiple departments.
  6. Never stop learning. We believe in advancing education by evolving ourselves. To be paced up with the 21st-century education ecosystem, we flex our pedagogy as per the need of our students with the help of the Faculty Development Program.

Workplace Diversity

The vibrancy, rigour and dynamism that make ADYPU the coolest university is the result of the diverse workplace environment. Here everyone the educators, staff, students, administrators represent a wide range of races, genders, ages, interests, and backgrounds join to achieve common goals. We strive to build an environment that values humanity and embrace diversity to create a better world.